Girls going surfing at Peanut Farm beach, Sri Lanka.
Arugam Bay is located on the beautiful and wild East coast of Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay was originally a small fishing village, but after the end of the civil war it has developed into one of the main areas for tourism. Although the village has been gaining popularity amongst travellers in the recent years, Arugam Bay hasn't lost its original charm: fishing is still a major contributor to the livelihoods of the locals and the surrounding nature isn't spoiled by tourism, either. Although the area is best known for surfing, there are many other attractions as well, such as beautiful beaches, wild life, temples and Kumana National Park -just to mention a few!

Surfing in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is called The Surfing Mecca of Sri Lanka and for a good reason: There are a couple of surfing spots already in Arugam Bay itself, the most famous being Main Point, and there are also several spots just within 20 min - 1 hour drive from the village. Also most surf spots in and around Arugam Bay are point- or reef breaks, which are famous for giving the surfers long enjoyable rides!

Main Point and a couple of other spots can really give the more advanced surfers the time of their lives, yet Arugam Bay is also ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers: many surf spots have smaller waves and a sandy seabed, which makes access to the waves easier and falling off your board safer! Generally speaking, the waves rarely get so big all around that none of the surf spots wouldn't offer something also for the less advanced surfers. Therefore Arugam Bay is a perfect destination if you wish to learn surfing and feel what it's like to be in the water!



Many people are wondering when Arugam Bay (East coast) works best (for surfing) and when it would be better to head South. As mentioned earlier, East coast of Sri Lanka is good for surfing from April till October, but, there are a few things to know about the beginning and ending of the season:


  • March: Usually the first waves start breaking at the Main Point around mid-March but the waves are still not breaking consistently every day and other spots are yet not working. Therefore it might be better to stay on the South coast with more options, unless you’re a big fan of Main Point and want to experience it less crowded! On the East coast weather is good, wind directions are changing and it starts to get very hot!

  • April: Main Point is already quite good, and Whiskey Bay soon follows with decent waves, however other spots are not ready. One of the biggest swells of the year usually hits the East coast in April. Both South and East are good options at this stage, at least towards mid-April and end of the month. Weather is good in East, and rains are becoming more common in South.

  • May: Usually all spots start working in May on the East coast (except for Light House and Baby Point, which usually work from July onward), however when exactly it happens is a gamble! Monsoon is taking over South coast and wind direction is changing onshore.


  • September: Surf is still very good on the East coast. All surf spots are working, it’s less crowded and less hot. Afternoons can be windy and some showers may occur, but not every day. South coast might experience first days of good surf, but conditions are not consistent. September is still better on the East coast.

  • October: In Arugam Bay, waves are usually still good the entire month, however it gets very quiet around 15-20th of October. In October it also rains more, but Arugam Bay is generally quite dry all year around, so it might not rain much at all. However South is getting better towards the end of the month and restaurants and cafés start opening there, making it possibly more “social” than Arugam Bay (after mid-month). If you are in Sri Lanka the whole month of October, you could perhaps split your time on both coasts.

  • November: Still some waves around, it’s uncrowded and conditions are becoming less consistent. It possibly rains. Though still in the beginning of the month you could experience rare uncrowded surf with incredible conditions. But you can’t be sure!